Lyndsey Griffiths, senior teenage and young adult clinical nurse specialist

Lyndsey is a clinical nurse specialist working in the teenage and young adult service at The Christie. In her role, she supports young people with cancer, including those with Ewing Sarcoma, as it mainly affects younger people.

As Ewing Sarcoma is a very rare cancer, for a lot of our young patients, it can have taken a little bit of time for them to have got their diagnosis. Lyndsey says that patients might often also be in quite a lot of pain, so lots of the time when young people first arrive, they can really be struggling.

“For the patients and their families, this [struggle] is very hard to come to terms with, and it can be even harder at this time of year. The diagnosis can be shattering, for the patient, their family and loved ones. It can be really, really difficult to watch them go through it.”
“Ultimately the earlier you catch this disease and the earlier you start treatment, the more beneficial it’s going to be for the patient.”

  - Lyndsey, Christie clinical nurse specialist

Seeing young patients dealing with a late diagnosis is hard for our staff members, and even harder for the Ewing Sarcoma patients themselves. But it doesn’t have to be like this – and a donation from you today could help fund a ground-breaking new blood test to make it easier for us to spot when Ewing Sarcoma comes back.

A new blood test for Ewing Sarcoma could mean a much quicker diagnosis if the cancer comes back. It would be less invasive and give much quicker results. And what’s more, it would provide so much reassurance for young patients, their families and The Christie team members like Lyndsey.

Support our campaign to develop a new blood test for faster Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis and help improve patient outcomes for younger people this Christmas.