Ellie, Niamh and Matthew, Christie fundraisers and staff members

Marie Hosey works at The Christie as assistant chief operating officer. As well as being a champion of the hospital and a dedicated member of staff, Marie recently experienced a different side of The Christie’s work after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

After receiving surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy treatment for the breast cancer, Marie has recently returned to work.

To raise money in support of The Christie charity, 3 of Marie’s family members took part in a parachute jump at The Christie skydive event in April. Marie’s daughter Ellie Hosey, her niece Niamh Hosey-Roberts and her nephew Matthew Morys-Edge, who all also work at The Christie, took to the skies to take on their fears.

Although Ellie, Niamh and Matthew all said they were very nervous before doing the skydive, they all said it was amazing and that they would recommend it to anyone. The team of 3 raised an amazing £1,700 for The Christie charity with their fundraising, and Marie says she’s incredibly proud of what they achieved.

“I’ve just undergone treatment for breast cancer – chemotherapy and radiotherapy – both at The Christie, where I had the most phenomenal journey. It is the best organisation ever, but I am very biased!
“I think it’s really important that the fundraising goes on. We do a lot at The Christie for fundraising – the more people support it, the better. It goes direct to the patients and as a patient, I have had a very streamlined service all the way through.”

 - Marie, Christie patient and staff member

“We all work at The Christie, and we all get to see the great work that goes on there. It’s quite inspiring to see the effect it has on people, and on people we know as well.”

- Matthew, Christie fundraiser and staff member

“Yeah, people we know have had cancer recently, and The Christie has done loads for them.”

 - Ellie, Christie fundraiser and staff member

Are you up for the challenge of a lifetime? Take on The Christie skydive on Saturday 13 August 2022 and help raise money in support of cancer patients.