Amber decided she wanted to raise money for The Christie Charity after a close friend of hers was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She said she had thought about doing a skydive before but had been too scared to sign up.

But Amber was finally persuaded to take the plunge in support of her friend, and to raise money for other people diagnosed with brain tumours. She signed up for a skydive to support The Christie Charity for her 25th birthday and prepared to take a leap of faith.

The day of her skydive came around and Amber arrived at the Sky High Skydiving airfield. The skydiving trainer took Amber and the other participants through what would happen, then fitted her harness before they all boarded the plane.

Amber said the atmosphere on the plane was unlike any other. All the skydivers kept checking the altitude on their altimeters as the plane climbed through the clouds and the adrenaline started to build.

Before the jump, everyone on the plane fist pumped as a good luck gesture which Amber said was a lovely moment. The time to jump finally came, with Amber sitting at the edge of the plane and her instructor rocked the 2 of them forwards and out into the sky.

Amber said the jump was truly spectacular. For a moment, she said she felt suspended in the sky. Then she started to fly back towards earth, strapped to her instructor and with a cameraman flying in front of them to capture the whole experience.

After landing safely, Amber couldn’t believe she’d done a skydive and experienced such an awesome rush of adrenaline. She definitely wants to do another one someday – and next time, she might even be temped to learn to do a solo jump!

Amber said she’s overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity in sponsoring her to take on a skydive for The Christie Charity. She raised over £1,100 with her challenge, which will be a big help to support cancer patients and their families, over and above what the NHS funds.

“When I found out that my close friend had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, I knew I wanted to raise some money to show my support and help others facing this diagnosis. I've thought about doing a skydive before, but previously thought I'd be too scared to freefall from a plane.
"However, in the past few years I've became a bit braver having faced my own personal challenges and also felt inspired by how courageously my friend was dealing with their diagnosis and treatment. So I decided that I would book a skydive for my 25th birthday and raise money for The Christie Adult Brain Tumour Fund. 

This cause is close to my heart because my friend is receiving treatment at The Christie and like many others is benefiting from the research being done by the incredible team, as well as their big hearts full of compassion which makes such a scary time a little bit easier.

Amber, Christie fundraiser

“I hope that the money I have raised can go towards more research into brain tumours, hopefully giving others like my friend hope for a happy and healthy future.”

  - Amber, Christie fundraiser

Got a head for heights? Take on The Christie skydive on Sunday 10 September 2023 and help raise money in support of cancer patients.