The Christie charity is generously supported by a number of incredible fundraising groups who go above and beyond in their activities to raise awareness and funds for the charity.

Fundraising groups can be a collection of friends, family or a community, all coming together to fundraise for a common cause, having plenty of fun along the way.

Our Community Team are here to help fundraising groups with their events from providing useful hints and tips to loaning materials such as collection buckets and presentation cheques.

If you are interested in joining one of our existing groups or would be interested in registering as a new group, please get in touch.

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The Kerry Association 

The Kerry Association began in the 1980s as some of its members had experienced treatment at The Christie and they wanted to express their appreciation for its work.

The first Kerry Association Fundraising Dance for The Christie was held in 2001 at English Martyrs in Whalley Range. The club members, staff and management have been very supportive throughout the years and seventeen years on, the dance is still held there each year.

The group have now raised over £45,000 for The Christie which has helped to support our Genito-Urinary Research Fund, Cancer Research Fund and specific research regarding Professor Howell.

Professor Tony Howell attended their first dance as some of his patients were keen supporters of The Kerry Association. Although some of them have now sadly passed away, their family and friends still continue to support the dance each year.

Some of its original members, Patsy Keane and Ciss Breen are still part of the committee today. They have been joined over the years by Tony Doyle, Joe Buckley, Christina and Pat Conway.

This year’s dance will be taking place on Saturday 6 October at English Martyrs. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to The Kerry Association for their amazing support over the years and we hope that it will continue for many more years to come.