Collection tin or bucket hire

This is a super easy way to support The Christie charity.

All we ask is that you fill in a simple form to let us know where it will be used and when you can return it back to us. The form can be sent over to you via e-mail or posted out to sign and send back to us. To request a form, please e-mail or call us on 0161 446 3988.

Street collections

Why not help us raise a bucket load of money by holding a street collection?

These require a licence from your local authority in addition to the authorisation paperwork provided by The Christie charity. The streets do fill up fast with other charities so please make sure you contact the council as soon as you can to avoid any delay.

Private collections

Collections on private land require both written permission from the landowner and official documentation from The Christie charity. Sporting venues, supermarkets and shopping centres are great places to hold this style of collection. Don’t forget, you can also hold private collections during your own Christie registered fundraising events!

Are you interested in holding a collection for The Christie charity?

Please fill in our online registration form here. If you would like us to send you a form in the post, please e-mail or call us on 0161 446 3988.

Once you are registered, we will send out your official documentation to show that you are fundraising for The Christie charity and we will contact you to arrange the best time for you to come and collect your collection tins and/or buckets to help support your collection.

Important - Please note that The Christie Charity does not support house to house collections.