Specialist Cancer Funds

Nothing at The Christie exists in isolation; it is the combination of everything we do that makes The Christie the special place it is for our patients.

Your donation is important to us, so we try wherever possible to direct your donations to the most appropriate area of our work. Donations can support initiatives involving specific cancer types, areas of research, key fundraising projects or specialist areas.

Here are a few examples of our different funds; 

Care and Treatment

  • Prostate Cancer Fund: The genito urinary cancer group at The Christie is one of the most advanced urological cancer teams in the UK.  Donations currently support two projects aiming for a cure; a research scientist looking at the mechanisms cancer cells spread into the bone marrow, and the accurate delivery of curative radiotherapy whilst minimising the dose to the bowel and reducing side effects.
  • Other Care and Treatment Funds: Gene and Immunotherapy Fund, Head and Neck Fund, Gynaecology Fund, Patient Amenities Fund and Gastro Intestinal Fund


  • Cancer Research Fund:  The Christie has been pioneering cancer research breakthroughs for over 100 years and this fund allows us to support a variety of world leading and often ground breaking research projects and clinical trials.
  • Breast Cancer Research Fund:  With an active programme of research, donations to this fund help us to develop both our understanding of this disease, as well as new and more effective treatments to combat it.
  • Other Research Funds: Lung Cancer, Lymphoma, Leukaemia, Radiotherapy, Sarcoma and Ovarian Cancer Research Funds. 


  • The School of Oncology Bursaries Fund: Increasing our knowledge of cancer and continually improving the care of patients depends largely on education. Funding bursaries at our School of Oncology will help support the talent of the future and advance knowledge. Our School of Oncology offers education and training in all aspects of cancer research, treatment and care and is the only one of its kind in the UK.

Extra Support

  • Complementary Therapy Fund:  This service supports patients and carers through all stages of their cancer treatment. Charitable donations are vital in continuing the work carried out by the team, allowing them to offer massages, aromatherapy, acupuncture and reflexology free of charge to patients. The complementary therapy service is funded entirely by the charity so you can make a very real difference.
  • Art Sessions and Therapy Fund: A cancer diagnosis can generate a whole range of feelings that some people may find difficult to talk about even with loved ones. Art therapy is an activity that allows patients to express all those thoughts and feelings they find difficult to put into words.  For other patients, art therapy might simply provide a way for them to relax or give them something positive to focus on instead of their cancer for a while. Donations will support this valuable initiative including buying materials.
  • The Enhanced Wig Service Fund: Going through cancer treatment is hard enough, but losing your hair can cause added trauma. Wigs are provided on prescription by the NHS, however our charity provides additional funds so that patients can choose a better quality wig if they wish, which a stylist will cut and make uniquely personal to each patient.
  • Other Extra Support Funds: The Christie Cancer Information Centre fund and welfare and benefits advice fund.