Professor Tim Illidge is heading up the radiotherapy study at The Christie. He knows that the reason The Christie has the latest hi-tech equipment and some of the brightest minds to work alongside in cancer research is because of the generosity of people like you.

“My number one reason for asking for your help today is this: we have collaborated with partners to work towards an objective of curing 75% of patients in the next twenty years. That’s what you could help us achieve.”

– Professor Illidge

Hot and cold tumours

The research is about whether tumours are ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. A hot tumour is where the body’s immune system responds to the tumour. In contrast, a cold tumour is where the immune system doesn’t activate.

Hot and cold tumours respond differently to radiotherapy. Understanding how this works before starting radiotherapy can improve patient outcomes.

And not only does this mean more effective treatment, it can also mean more people enjoying life after cancer.

Sue’s story

In 1999, Sue was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It’s thanks to The Christie and the incredible support of people like you that Sue has had periods of remission over many years, after targeted radiotherapy treatments.

Sue has seen first-hand what support like yours can do. Since her initial diagnosis, she has felt the constant care, support and expertise that The Christie has to offer.

With personalised, targeted radiotherapy, Professor Illidge was able to halt the growth of tumours that were very close to one of Sue’s kidneys.

Now, thanks to specialised radiotherapy treatment, in combination with other targeted therapies, Sue has been in remission since 2012. This means she can spend more time with her husband Neville, taking trips and spending time with their family.

“A new day dawns and I’m glad. I am incredibly grateful to Professor Illidge and The Christie. You can’t quantify the quality and length of your life. It’s just fantastic. I never take a day for granted.”

– Sue

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