Talented experts at The Christie could perform real-time surgeries with a hi-tech new machine. A brand-new four-dimensional computed tomography (4D CT) scanner really could mean all these things for patients and their families.

In our CT radiology department, we use diagnostic radiation such as X-rays to create medical images for both diagnosis and to help treat cancer. Our CT scanners take three-dimensional pictures of a patient’s body to track this progress. We are replacing our current scanners as they are getting old, but there’s also a brand new machine that we are all very excited about – a 4D CT scanner.

This 4D CT scanner adds an extra layer to imaging. It combines CT scans with video X-ray, providing enhanced images to make interactive procedures possible during the scanning process. It will be the first of its generation in the UK and another pioneering piece of equipment right on the doorstep for patients in the North West.

“This redevelopment will enable us to deliver the very best care for our friends, for our families, and for every patient that comes through the door at The Christie.”

- Dr Jon Bell, consultant interventional radiologist at The Christie

That’s not all you’d be helping to fund, either. The 4D CT scanner is so vital, but so are improvements to the radiology department. With the expansion and redevelopment of the department, we will provide the very best for our patients, which is at the heart of everything we do here at the hospital. 

You could help us do so much:

  • Create bigger scanning rooms so that all scans can be carried out more comfortably
  • Improve our changing rooms and consultation rooms to provide increased privacy
  • Make room for a new, more advanced 4D CT scanner to increase efficiency and reduce waiting times

Please donate to help us provide life-changing technology and improve our radiology department, so that even more patients get to see the benefit for years to come.

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Have you received this letter from us? This is to help fund our 4D CT scanner this Christmas


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