We’re just months away from opening a brand new, state-of-the-art research room at The Christie in our new proton beam therapy centre. Our multidisciplinary team will work tirelessly to keep research at the cutting edge and translate discoveries into clinical practice.

We need to work quickly to harness the full potential of proton beam therapy as soon as we possibly can. To do this, we urgently need specialist equipment such as a robotic arm and specialist microscope.

There’s so much we’ve yet to discover about proton beam therapy.

Alongside conventional radiotherapy – which is excellent and would still be the best treatment for many cancer patients – proton beam therapy is another string to our bow, with the potential to help people with cancer, whatever their age.

"We’ll build on the outstanding science that is already taking place at The Christie, until it gets right the way through to patients."

- Professor Norman Kirkby

A robotic arm will work day in, day out, until we have the answers that we’re looking for. It will work alongside a specialist microscope to take close up images of samples for analysis, and discover how protons can cause maximum damage to cancer cells.

We’ll test, test and test some more, and keep going until our findings can save or extend lives. Until they can be used to make treatment even more effective for our patients. Patients like Lucas.

As an infant, Lucas underwent life-changing high energy proton beam therapy treatment to treat a tumour on his bladder, discovered when he was just 8 months old.  But he had to travel abroad to the USA to access this proton beam therapy, a difficult journey at the time for such a small and sick child.

Now we’ve managed to bring high-energy proton beam therapy to people in the UK. The success of his past treatment means Lucas is now a thriving little boy.

Your donation today will help researchers carry out vital work. You’ll be funding equipment that will help us make new discoveries, improve treatments and make a real difference for more patients like Lucas and his family.

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