We have developed many pioneering treatments. We have helped to save and improve many lives. But cancer is always changing. It can become resistant to treatments and drugs over time. We need to get a step ahead. 

Like you, everyone here wants to see an end to cancer. Our scientists have the skills. Our patients have the courage. But your support is – as always – vital.

Right now, we are testing many new drugs that could stop cancer from repairing itself, so chemotherapy becomes more effective. You can help us develop new treatments like these – and more – ready to save lives today and tomorrow.

One patient who is already benefiting from the incredible research at The Christie is Diane Brooks.

Diane started treatment for breast cancer nearly fifteen years ago. Since then, she has taken part in five different clinical trials and is still enjoying life with her husband and four children.

I have been very fortunate to have been given choices in my treatment. This is only because of the amazing research at The Christie and the funding that makes it all possible.

Click here to read Diane's story.

If you would like to support pioneering cancer research at The Christie, please fill out our online donation form. Remember to select 'Cancer Research' from the designation drop down list, and help us to get a step ahead of cancer!