Rebecca Cruice, Christie patient

Rebecca was 18 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare cancer of white blood cells. Rebecca asked for treatment at The Christie’s teenage and young adult unit (TYA). This gave her access to age-appropriate services including activities and counselling.

The Christie’s TYA opened in 2014 and cost £12 million, with £10 million of this provided by The Christie charity. Charitable donations still fund many of the support services at the TYA today.

Rebecca says she’s been doing well during lockdown but that things have been difficult. She says that there are some days that are harder than others but she’s getting through things day by day.

To help stay connected, Rebecca has been in touch with some other people from the TYA at The Christie. She said they’ve been hosting some games nights and chat sessions, which has been really helpful for her.

Rebecca supported our recent Touching Lives campaign and now she wants to tell people why supporting The Christie charity is so important at this time.

“The reason it is still so critical to carry on supporting The Christie is because of the research they do and the work they put into everything they do. Their whole heart is put into everything they do to save us.
“The Christie is the best hospital for cancer patients and they save lives every day. And during this pandemic, it is now more than ever important for The Christie too get all the support they can.”

- Rebecca Cruice

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