Louise Dawson, Christie charity staff member

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staff from across The Christie charity have been supporting the work of the hospital. Louise is one of the charity employees who has gone above and beyond her normal role to help cancer patients at this difficult time.

She has been assisting with portering duties, directing patients around the hospital, delivering essential pharmacy medicines to vulnerable patients across a wider area and helping to screen patients arriving at the hospital.

Screening patients ensures anyone who may have the COVID-19 virus is identified quickly, offered appropriate support and does not put other patients or clinical staff at risk of catching the virus

“In the middle of this dreadful virus pandemic, one of the most important things we can do as charity staff is to directly help patients, many of whom are incredibly vulnerable, to deal with the challenges and difficulties that this virus is causing. We can also help to relieve some of the pressure on our clinical colleagues in the hospital who are working flat out to keep treatments going.
“The charity has always supported the Trust in its work and this is just another way we can help to keep the hospital running smoothly and our patients as stress free as possible.
“I’m just thrilled to be able to do something so practical and useful at this time and know that it is directly helping Christie patients and clinical staff in their hour of need. It’s been very rewarding for me.”

- Louise, community fundraising officer for The Christie charity

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