Cancer can have an impact on people’s lives in so many ways. On top of uncertainty and anxiety, patients can have less time to share precious moments with friends and family.

We want to build a new Advanced Scanning and Imaging Centre (ASIC) to make the scanning experience better for our patients and to give them back more of their time – but we need your help to do this.

How our Advanced Scanning and Imaging Centre (ASIC) will help patients

The current CT department at The Christie was built in 1979. Back then, it treated just 20 people patients a day. Over the years, this has increased by 500%, with the CT department now treating 120 patients a day.

Once built, our ASIC can better meet the needs of our patients – and give them back precious time to lead their everyday lives.

Our plans include building a new suite to house an advanced 4D CT scanner. This scans faster and more accurately, showing the location and movement of the tumour and how it may affect nearby organs. It can help minimise the impact of radiation on healthy tissue and allow us to target cancerous cells more precisely. But the 4D CT scanner simply won’t fit in the current space.

The addition of the advanced 4D CT scanner will enable us to scan more patients than ever before, and in less time. Scanning and imaging plays a vital role throughout a patient’s whole cancer journey. Nearly all patients will have a CT scan at some point during their treatment – to diagnose cancer, monitor tumours, and guide further tests or treatments.

With a faster and more accurate scanner, patients won’t have to wait as long for their scans. This means they can start treatment sooner, and this can be a weight off their minds.

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What we’ll build – with your help

We are also planning to build the ASIC with upgraded waiting areas and changing facilities. This will make the environment as comfortable and welcoming as possible, and allow for greater privacy and peace of mind for our patients.

This will also help with our patients’ wellbeing, by reducing their anxiety. It will allow them to focus on what matters most to them – spending time with their families and doing what makes them happy.

This will help patients like Rachel. Rachel has been coming to The Christie for CT and MRI scans every 3 months for 12 years, after she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2011. She's supporting our ASIC campaign - read Rachel's story to find out why.

The new ASIC will be a modern, spacious and impressive building. Patients will enter into a bright atrium where natural light streams in. As they move around the building, opaque glass walls will keep that sense of light and space, while respecting privacy. Wood and other natural materials, plus plants and water-features add to the feeling of tranquillity.

But our ASIC will not only look more up-to-date – it is also set to improve our scanning service, with more capacity and faster scanning.

Scanning and imaging play an important part in cancer diagnosis and treatment. It could be needed to help work out where the cancer is, how close it is to nearby organs and how big it is. This helps our experts determine how well treatment is working.

With your help, we’ll build our new ASIC at The Christie, and improve the patient experience for thousands of people a year.

Watch our video below to hear from real patients how our new ASIC will help them.

Last updated: November 2023