The Colorectal and Peritoneal Oncology Centre (CPOC) at The Christie has an international reputation for treating advanced and early colorectal cancer, appendix tumours, peritoneal tumours, anal cancer and tumours within the pelvis.

These types of cancer can be challenging to treat, involving specialist knowledge and care. Clinical trials and research are leading to great advances in care, but we need your support and donations to deliver better patient outcomes.

How the Colorectal and Peritoneal Oncology Centre supports patients

The Christie is a centre of excellence for the treatment of these types of cancer. It also acts as a hub for training local and international advanced oncologists.

Colorectal cancer can involve the bowels, rectum and anus, or the urinary system (the bladder and ureters). In women, the reproductive organs may also be affected (the ovaries, womb, cervix, and vagina). In men, the cancer may be close to or invading the prostate.

Our patients benefit from some of the country’s leading clinicians sharing knowledge to deliver the very highest standards of advanced colorectal care under one roof. The colorectal team uses the latest technological advances to improve patient outcomes and care by using a robotically assisted approach and laparoscopic (keyhole) approach to surgery.

The Christie is also one of only 2 national centres in the UK that specialises in assessing and treating appendiceal tumours. This is a rare condition which affects 1 to 2 in a million patients a year.

Over the past 20 years, the CPOC team has gained valuable knowledge, skills and experience in supporting patients with colorectal and peritoneal cancers We are proud to support a service that has treatment outcomes that are comparable with the best reported internationally. 

You can help colorectal, appendix and peritoneal patients by joining our CPOC support network and donating. Please fill in the form below to give today.

Your donations will help support CPOC patients like Katie. Katie works as an ICU nurse and was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) aged 30 in November 2021, just a few days after her son’s first birthday.

Thanks to all the wonderful staff at The Christie, I was back holding my son in time to celebrate his second birthday and looking forward to a more positive year ahead.

Katie, Christie patient

You can read more about Katie’s story on the CPOC section of the Trust website.

How your donations help those who need it

Charity funding enables the CPOC team to continue its cutting-edge work and expand understanding and expertise in dealing with these types of cancer. Ultimately this will help to improve patient outcomes both now and in the future. Developing excellence in cancer care and research like this requires resources beyond those made available by the NHS.

Projects we support include:

  • Development of a surgical academy team and delivery of surgical trials
  • Pilot programmes into peritoneal and colorectal research helping The Christie reimagine what is possible with future research and treatment
  • Biomarker profiling of primary colorectal cancer, appendix tumours and peritoneal metastases
  • A clinical psychologist to support patients with the emotional impact of diagnosis and treatment
  • Developing a translational research programme growing cancer cells in dedicated laboratory facilities at Manchester Cancer
    Research Centre
  • Funding educational support for patients families and healthcare professionals

Research can lead to real breakthroughs – and it is research and roles often funded by The Christie Charity, along with patient participation, which has led directly to survival rates improving so dramatically. We can go so much further but we need your help to do this.

Last updated: June 2023