At The Christie, we focus on giving cancer patients the best patient outcomes possible. But as well as treating today’s cancer patients, we also look to the future with research into new, kinder, and better treatments.

We want to be able to drive forward more effective and targeted treatments. With your help, we can do this by creating a new Academy of Surgical Oncology.

How the Academy of Surgical Oncology will help cancer patients

Clinical trials help provide greater treatment options for cancer patients. These new treatment options then help to improve patient outcomes.

With an Academy of Surgical Oncology at The Christie, we will also be able to carry out surgical trials. This is something that very few cancer centres in the UK do. We want to carry out a ground-breaking combination of surgical and clinical treatment together.

This means we can lead the way in this unique type of surgical clinical trial on a national and global scale. The potential this holds for the future of cancer treatment and our patients is huge.

A donation could help spearhead a pioneering series of surgical trials here in the North West to discover kinder and better cancer treatment for our patients. Will you ensure that we have the facilities to do so with a gift towards the Academy of Surgical Oncology?

Please donate using the form below to make the Academy of Surgical Oncology at The Christie a reality.

Surgical trials will help us pioneer ground-breaking surgical treatments, which will help our amazing doctors deliver better outcomes for cancer patients.

Working together for new cancer treatments

As well as surgical trials, the Academy of Surgical Oncology will also mean we can deliver pioneering research into cancer cells. Over the next 5 years, we’ll explore what the cells respond to and identify more targeted treatments.

Studies like this need scientists and clinicians to work side by side in a truly collaborative way. Our Academy of Surgical Oncology will allow our brilliant experts to do this, creating a space for multi-disciplinary research.

The new research facility on The Christie’s site will house research laboratories, consultant workspaces and a biological research unit to give our team the right environment to continue to make their life-changing discoveries.

Our patients will directly benefit from having leading scientists and health care professionals collaborating in the hub and delivering fresh insights into cancer treatments. All we need now is funding to help make it happen.