This month, we’re putting Hope Lowe into our fundraiser hall of fame.

Hope has been a supporter of The Christie Charity since her dad was referred to The Christie for prostate cancer treatment 5 years ago. Hope said the hospital were there for him throughout his treatment – from surgery to radiotherapy and now with ongoing treatment.

Thanks to his treatment at The Christie, Hope’s dad can now get on with his life. Although Hope says he has good and bad days, he can enjoy time with his family and do the things he enjoys.

As her dad’s experience of The Christie was so positive, Hope decided she wanted to raise money for The Christie Charity. She said this was to say thanks to The Christie for what they’d done for her dad, and to help fund research into new treatments that could give him and other cancer patients more time.

Hope said that to raise as much money as possible, she wanted to take on a challenge that most people wouldn’t want to do themselves. Originally from Sandbach, Cheshire, Hope now lives in North London. Near her home, there’s a reservoir, where Hope swims in the summers.

To really challenge herself, Hope decided to swim in the reservoir every day in January 2023, no matter what the weather was. She’d never even been in the reservoir during the autumn before, let alone in winter – so this would be a real test of her determination!

In the end, Hope managed to conquer 31 cold swims in 31 days in January 2023. Over half of her swims took place in water under 5C, making them official ice swims, with some in actual ice.

Hope said the support and generosity for her fundraising was overwhelming. She added that nothing she did could thank everyone at The Christie enough, but that she hoped her fundraising would help to thank everyone who helped to treat her dad.

For me, it was an opportunity to show my dad I’m thinking of him even when I’m not there, to show appreciation for everyone at The Christie, and to push myself at the same time. Whatever your circumstances, I’m sure you’ll get something out of it too.”

Hope, Christie fundraiser

We’d like to say a big thanks to Hope for her incredible fundraising efforts. With her 31-day cold swimming challenge, she raised just over a fantastic £3,550! Amazing fundraising like this means we can keep offering support to cancer patients and their families, over and above what the NHS funds.

Would you like to fundraise for The Christie charity? Speak to the charity team on 0161 446 3988 or see how you can get involved with fundraising.

Hope Lowe (centre) with swimming friends