Amanda Kearney, Christie patient family member

Amanda’s husband Dave is on a clinical trial for his cancer. This involves weekly visits to the NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie.

Amanda gave up her job to spend time with her husband and support him through his cancer journey. 2 years later, she's still supporting the Touching Lives campaign. She wants to show how The Christie charity helps real people like her and Dave, as the 2 recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

“Recently we went on holiday but needed some health advice and The Christie team called us back straight away when needed to offer support, advice, and comfort.
“Dave is now friends with many of his doctors, they are not strangers, they know us, our history, background, and who we are, which makes a real difference. We wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
“We are looking forward to Dave’s 60th, spending time with our new grandchild, and our holiday in Majorca this summer, as well as all the little things that we can take for granted.“

- Amanda Kearney

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