Patients and artist in residence

“It’s not about the art, and yet it’s everything about the art.”

Pat Mountford

Thanks to your support, The Christie is able to provide a range of supportive services to help patients through their cancer experience, one of which is the art room. Led by artist in residence Pat Mountford, the art room is a relaxed space which supports patients and carers by helping them to discover their creativity at a time when they may be feeling at their most vulnerable. 

Pat Mountford, artist in residence

“The art room can be found on the main corridor of the hospital and is available for all Christie patients and carers. The sessions are drop-in, meaning you don’t have to book, and you can arrive and leave at any point.

Do you have to be able to paint? No, definitely not! There’s lots of advice and support, and learning something new is so much fun. Engaging in the arts helps improve wellbeing by reducing stress and increasing positivity. When a patient feels low and vulnerable, as they often can be, being in a creative space is a lovely place to be.

Having the art room can make such a difference to a person’s wellbeing and the difference it makes is amazing.”

Michelle, The Christie patient

“I feel like I finally opened up, found a sanctuary, where I can be me, not just a cancer patient. Cancer treatment led me to the art room, this class is an escape from the madness.”

Gillian Simpson, The Christie patient

“I was a dithering wreck as I entered the art room but Pat had obviously experienced this before and instantly put me at ease. I feel so blessed to be part of this family. I have made some amazing friends who have inspired and encouraged me and also supported me when needed. The art room has been the best medicine to help in my recovery. I have surprised myself with my creations, and at the age of 56 I have eventually found something I can actually do and feel a sense of achievement.”

Shamim Chaudhry, The Christie patient

“The art room gives me a complete distraction from my diagnosis and treatment. It gives me complete tranquillity and peace of mind as I am painting.”

Thank you to everyone who supports The Christie’s art room. We hope you’re all proud to say, “I did it for The Christie”!