Esther Parkinson, Christie fundraiser

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2013, Esther Parkinson’s world turned upside down. She first thought she would receive treatment at her local hospital in Blackpool but she was referred to The Christie.

Esther had many rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and 2 surgeries, including a mastectomy. She credits her treatment at The Christie to why she is still alive today.

Because of her positive experience at The Christie, Esther has been a keen supporter of The Christie charity since her treatment finished in 2014. She’s taken on so many different fundraising challenges in support of us over the years, including the Frosty 5K event in early 2020.

And for 2021, Esther’s got more fundraising planned in support of cancer patients and their families. She will be taking on The Christie Challenge to complete 6 activities throughout the year.

On Sunday 14 March, Esther took on her first activity for The Christie Challenge. She did a tribute garden walk to Captain Sir Tom Moore, completing 100 laps of her own garden on a cold and rainy day.

Esther’s got a few other activities planned as part of her challenge, including a 10k run, a Pilates and barre workout and a 26km bike ride.

“The reason for wanting to take part in The Christie Challenge is because I am an avid supporter of The Christie. They turned my life around after being treated for breast cancer and I have a lot to thank them for. I have been fundraising for them ever since finishing treatment in 2014. I love taking part in events and trying to raise as much money as I can for many vital treatments.
“This past year has been tough for everyone, not least so for many charities who have lost out on much needed funding, due to COVID-19 restrictions. So this is also my way of showing my continued support for The Christie through both normal and challenging times.”

The Christie Challenge is to complete 6 different fundraising activities over the year. Whether you want to do a sponsored run, organise a bake sale or host an online quiz night, you can get involved.

If you want to help The Christie charity keep moving in 2021, sign up for The Christie Challenge.