Chris Sheppard, Christie supporter

Chris Sheppard first started fundraising for The Christie charity back in 2013 in support of a friend’s treatment at the hospital. Since then, he’s become a strong supporter of the charity.

Sadly, Chris’s friend has since passed away, but he continues to raise funds each year in her memory with a variety of different challenges. Over the years, Chris has tackled ultra-marathons, long distance treks and bike rides across the UK. He’s even cycled in the hottest place on earth – the Death Valley in California.

For 2021, Chris will be taking on The Christie Challenge to complete 6 activities in 12 months. This will help provide us with vital support at a time when our usual income has fallen by 25% due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Chris has already taken on his first activity for The Christie Challenge. For this, he climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest using the stairwell in the Control tower at Manchester Airport. This meant scaling an amazing 29,050 feet – an incredible 210 times up the stairwell.

Next, Chris is planning to take on the 3 peaks challenge to climb the 3 highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales in the summer. He said the idea of The Christie Challenge appealed to him as it encouraged him to do more than one event in support of The Christie charity.

“I’m taking part in this challenge as it’s a brilliant opportunity to raise money for the charity. 6 parts to the medal is a great idea to spread the fundraising out across the year and keep the fundraising at the front of our minds which is more important than ever after the enforced isolation in 2020.
“People will be able to do anything from 6 marathons to 6 cake sales. Each event is just as important as any other.”

  - Chris Sheppard, Christie supporter

The Christie Challenge is to complete 6 different fundraising activities over the year. Whether you want to do a sponsored run, organise a bake sale or host an online quiz night, you can get involved.

If you want to help The Christie charity keep moving in 2021, sign up for The Christie Challenge.