Wrap it up

Do you want to support The Christie this Christmas? Take on The Christie Challenge and help us keep make sure we can be there for people with cancer.

If you're hosting a gift-wrapping station as part of The Christie Challenge or as a standalone fundraising activity, please create a JustGiving page in support of The Christie using the button below.

Is wrapping gifts one of your favourite parts of Christmas shopping? Do you go all out with fancy ribbons, bows and decorations? Or are you someone who leaves it until Christmas Eve, and then just puts the presents in a gift bag?

If you’re a Christmas present wrapping aficionado, you could offer a helping hand to those in need by setting up a gift-wrapping station in exchange for a donation to The Christie charity.

A gift-wrapping station would be an ideal fundraising idea for a school, youth club or community group – somewhere with lots of space and a group of dedicated people willing to put in the hard work!

You will need plenty of wrapping paper, scissors, ribbons, tags, and Sellotape to run a gift-wrapping station. You’ll also need to make sure that every person wrapping gifts has lots of space around them, especially if you’re wrapping big presents like toys.

Ask your family members, teachers, friends, colleagues, or members of the community to bring in some Christmas presents they don’t want to wrap up themselves. They’ll then just need to donate a set amount to The Christie charity.

Lastly, all that’s left is for you and your fellow gift wrappers to put in some elbow grease. Make sure that each gift looks good enough for Father Christmas!

If you’re looking to organise a gift-wrapping station for The Christie charity, get in touch and request a fundraising pack from us. We’ll post you out a pack of fundraising tips for your event and a sponsor form to collect your money.