Are you ready to take on our 60 for The Christie fundraising challenge?

This challenge is ideal for secondary schools as your students can either challenge themselves individually, or join together as a team, Form or House to raise money for The Christie. You can also sign up for the challenge as a parent of a child at secondary school.

60 miles is the average distance a patient travels for cancer treatment in the UK. We are now challenging your students to take part in an activity of their choice, involving the number 60, in support of this distance travelled.

How does the challenge work?

  • Each student will be given a fundraising pack and their teacher will ask them to decide on their 60 for The Christie challenge. The pack includes a list of 60 challenges for them to choose from or they can create their own. 
  • Students will then ask their family and friends to sponsor them. A sponsorship form is provided in their pack or they can fundraise online by setting up a JustGiving page.
  • The teacher will set a deadline for everyone to complete their challenges and to bring in their sponsorship money. We will also ask each teacher to complete a challenge form to tell us which students have completed their challenge. You’ll then need to send us the sponsorship money and the challenge forms and we’ll organise the awards for each student.
  • All students will be given a ‘60 for The Christie’ badge for taking part. However, the students who manage to complete their challenge will also be awarded a special ‘I did it for The Christie’ pin badge. We can also organise a cheque presentation to celebrate the total amount raised with one of our big cheques!
  • In addition, if a House or Form takes part in a challenge together, we will present a framed certificate to the House or Form who had the highest number of students taking part in a challenge and to the House or Form who raised the most amount of sponsorship money. 

A member of our fundraising team will present the challenge to your students. This can either be done as a full school assembly or they can present to individual classes.

If your school is interested in taking part in our 60 for The Christie challenge, or is you're a parent looking to take on the challenge with your children, please complete the form below to view the challenge pack and we will be in touch with you soon.