Sponsored silence

Do you consider yourself a bit of a chatterbox? Are you always getting asked to keep quiet only to find yourself chatting away minutes later? We have a fun fundraising challenge idea for you!

A sponsored silence can be a great way to raise money in support of The Christie charity. It’s really easy to organise because you don’t need any equipment. But if you find it hard to stay quiet, it can be really difficult.

To start, decide how long you’re going to keep quiet for – whether that’s 1 hour, 2 hours or even a whole day. And if you have any friends or family members who struggle with staying quiet, you could also make your sponsored silence a group challenge.

Ask your friends, family and teachers to sponsor you. If you aim to keep silent for longer, they might be willing to give more.

A sponsored silence can be a lot of fun because it can be quite a challenge for you to stay quiet for all that time. But if you manage to do it, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve helped out The Christie charity.

If you’re thinking of doing a sponsored silence for The Christie, make sure to get in touch and request a fundraising pack from us. We can send you out a free Christie t-shirt to wear on the day and a sponsor form to collect all of your money.

Do you want to support The Christie this year? Take on The Christie Challenge and help us keep moving for people with cancer.

If you're planning to do a sponsored silence as part of The Christie Challenge or as a separate fundraising activity, please create a JustGiving page in support of The Christie using the button below.