Play the lottery

One quick and easy to way to raise money for The Christie is by signing up to play our weekly lottery. For each £1 line, 50p goes directly towards funding clinical trials, patient care and research.

You’ll pay £1 for every week you buy 1 line in The Christie charity weekly lottery. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a random 6 digit sequence for every line you’ve bought.

Your numbers will be entered into the draw every Friday. If you match 3 or more in the correct sequence, you will win one of the cash prizes on offer. Matching all 6 numbers could win you £25,000!

It’s easy to cancel at any time. So if you don’t want to keep playing the weekly lottery, you can stop your line.

To find out more how playing The Christie charity Weekly Lottery helps cancer patients, read fundraiser Jack’s story to see why he plays our lottery.

Do you want to support The Christie this year? Any support you can give us will help us keep moving for people with cancer.

If you want a quick and easy way to give money to The Christie charity, sign up to play The Christie charity Weekly Lottery.