Mince pie eating challenge

Do you want to support The Christie this Christmas? Take on The Christie Challenge and help us keep make sure we can be there for people with cancer.

If you're holding a mince pie eating challenge as part of The Christie Challenge or as a standalone fundraising activity, please create a JustGiving page in support of The Christie using the button below.

Looking for a fundraising idea to help get you and your friends in the festive spirit? A mince pie eating challenge could be a fun way to celebrate Christmas and raise some money in support of cancer patients.

A mince pie eating challenge is where a group of people see how many mince pies they can eat in an hour. The person who eats the most mince pies is the winner.

You can take part with friends, family or even your colleagues. You might not be able to make it through as many mince pies as Father Christmas does on Christmas Eve but remember – it’s the taking part that counts!

To hold a mince pie eating challenge, you’ll need to find a venue and then pick a time and date to hold your event. If you can’t get all of your planned challengers in one place, you could hold your mince pie eating challenge online, with everyone taking part remotely.

To raise money for The Christie charity, get people to sponsor you for how many mince pies you eat – for example, £1 per mince pie. Another fun twist on a mince pie eating challenge is to see who can eat 5 mince pies the fastest and get people to pay to enter the competition.

One the day of the challenge, make sure you’ve got 1 person who can act as the judge – someone to keep the time and declare a winner. You can also encourage your participants to wear a Christmas jumper for an extra-festive feel.

If you’re planning a mince pie eating challenge for The Christie charity, get in touch and request a fundraising pack from us. We can send you out a pack of fundraising tips for your event and a sponsor form to collect your money.