Cooking on gas

Do you fancy yourself as the next baking extraordinaire or a handy home cook? Why not hold a cook off event with your friends, family or colleagues? It’s fun and interesting for everyone involved and you can also raise money in support of The Christie.

Set a date and time for your cook off event and decide where you’re going to host it. You could hold it at the office if your colleagues are getting involved or outside to make social distancing easy.

Make sure everyone knows when your cook off is by creating an event on Facebook or emailing all your participants. That way, they’ve got plenty of time to prep!

When you’re deciding the theme for your cook off event, think of what you or your other participants are good at making. Are you all champion bakers? Do you make a mean curry?

If you’re stuck for inspiration, why not consider:

  • a showstopper bake off
  • an outside barbecue competition
  • a homemade chilli cook off
  • a set bag of ingredients to get people using their creativity

Your colleagues or guests can then all taste each dish and vote for their favourite. You can even give prizes away for the winner!

To raise funds for The Christie, you can collect donations from all of your participants and guests. The money you raise will help improve treatment and care for our cancer patients and their friends and family members.

If you do decide to host a cook off either at home or in the office, remember to register your event and request a fundraising pack from us. We can send you out a free Christie t-shirt to wear on the day, with extra Christie t-shirts available to buy from us.

Do you want to support The Christie this year? Take on The Christie Challenge and help us keep moving for people with cancer.

If you're holding a cook off event as part of The Christie Challenge or as a separate fundraising activity, please create a JustGiving page in support of The Christie using the button below.