Shoaib Ougradar works in digital services at The Christie. He says in his role at The Christie, he and the rest of digital services get to support and enable frontline staff to provide a world-class service to patients. 

As well as working at The Christie, Shoaib also has a personal connection to The Christie. The hospital treated Shoaib’s father when he had cancer, both supporting him with his treatment and caring for him. Shoaib said some of his other family members also had treatment at The Christie – and it was for this reason that he was determined to give something back.

Shoaib decided to take on a mammoth walking challenge with a group of friends. On 15 October 2022, the group took on a "3 Yorkshire Peaks in 12 hours" challenge. This was a walk of around 25 miles, with 5,000 feet of vertical ascent.

Although Shoaib and the rest of the group weren’t seasoned trekkers, they all built up a habit of getting outdoors in the run up to the challenge. They pushed through and reached the 3rd peak in 10 hours 30 mins, and back to the starting point in 12 hours 50 mins.

“We had rain wind and hail, but none of it was going to stop us in completing the challenge. There were times when we couldn't see anything in front of us, slippery rocks, steep climbs and muddy marshes but eventually we conquered it all. Everyone pushing each other along, a great bonding exercise. Thank you from the depth of our hearts for your donation to our wonderful charity.
“Let's not forget the true purpose, this was just a day, whilst others are going through anxieties, pain and worry for themselves or loved ones for prolonged periods but also being strong and resilient when cancer strikes. Let's not forget this. We are part of a wider team that supports all these patients and loved ones to battle and hopefully one day eradicate this awful disease.”

  - Shoaib Ougradar, Christie fundraiser

Shoaib and the group had a fundraising target of £500 but they managed to smash this, raising an incredible £1,030. We’d like to say a massive thanks to Shoaib and the rest of the group for taking on the trek challenge. Fundraising like this is so important to help us keep supporting cancer patients and their loved ones.

Do you want to support The Christie charity? Our ideas generator has lots of inventive and interesting ways you can raise money for The Christie.

Or if you fancy taking on an organised event including our next Yorkshire Three Peaks Trek on Saturday 10 June 2023, check out our events calendar.

Any support you can give will help us keep touching patients' lives today, tomorrow and beyond.

Shoaib (left) and the rest of the group taking the 3 Yorkshire Peaks in 12 hours challenge