Matt was diagnosed with melanoma in 2021, when a pink and fleshy mole on his back turned brown and doubled in size. He was referred to The Christie to have the mole removed.

After his surgery, Matt had immunotherapy, using drugs called Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs). Thankfully, he’s now in remission and Matt says he owes The Christie so much.

Matt has thrown himself back into life, spending precious time with his family, including fiancée Nikki and daughters Lily and Maya. He’s also found a new lease of life by taking on fundraising challenges for The Christie Charity.

To start with, Matt set himself the huge challenge of taking on 3 of Spain’s highest mountains. From there, he decided to take on The Christie Challenge to complete 6 different fundraising activities over the year. His daughter Lily was also inspired to take on The Christie Challenge herself.

But even though Matt is embracing life after his treatment for melanoma, he knows there’s a chance he could develop a serious health condition. ICIs are helping many more melanoma patients to survive but they can lead to life-changing illnesses in some patients. These illnesses are called late effects.

For Matt, this possibility that he could develop a serious illness overshadows the joy he has at being cancer-free. He knows that any long-term health conditions he might develop could impact on his health, his family and their future, once again.

That’s why Matt is supporting The Christie Charity’s Immune Tox research campaign. The Immune Tox research will look at late effects for patients who have had ICI treatment to be able to predict and prevent these illnesses. But we need help from you and other generous supporters to fund this research and make it a reality.

“Everybody will be or has been affected by cancer at least one point in their life, be it directly or indirectly, so let’s help The Christie keep fighting the good fight.

The Christie has given me this chance to be a better, healthier person. I will keep putting on my blue fundraising t-shirt, raising funds to fund vital research for as long as I’m able.

Matt, Christie patient

Donate to support The Christie Charity’s Immune Tox campaign today and help make sure melanoma patients have full and healthy lives after cancer.