Emma Phillips, Christie fundraiser

Emma Phillips has been a supporter of The Christie ever since her mum was referred to The Christie as a patient. In 2018, Emma’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had treatment but in March 2019, she was told her cancer had spread to her lymph node and lung. On top of this, Emma’s mum received the sad news that her cancer was no longer curable.

There were limited treatment options for Emma’s mum and her prognosis was very poor. But her doctor suggested another way and referred her for a clinical trial at The Christie. Amid the dark of her mum’s prognosis, Emma described The Christie as ‘a beacon of hope’ for the family.

Emma said that the care and support her mum received at The Christie was amazing. Her treatment on the clinical trial was successful and enabled her to live her life to the full. Emma’s mum is no longer on the same trial but continues to be treated at The Christie.

In fact, Emma said her mum’s treatment is still working so well that her scans have shown no detectable cancer in her body for the past 10 months. Emma said that this is something that she and the rest of her family never would have thought possible a couple of years ago. 

In September this year, Emma and James Gonzales are taking part in the Great North Run to raise money for The Christie charity. Emma’s lived in Newcastle for the past 4 years and she felt like now was a good time to finally take on the Great North Run on behalf of the Christie.

“We are so grateful for the hope The Christie gave us at a time when it felt like there was none. We have seen the work they do and the difference they can make not only for their patients but for the patients’ loved ones as well.
“I truly believe the success of mum’s care is not only down to her consistently positive attitude and love of life, but also because of the amazing care she has received from all of the staff at The Christie. We are so grateful for the hope they have given us to cling on to for the past few years.
“Whilst I don’t feel that we could ever thank The Christie enough for everything they have done, James and I feel very lucky to be able to raise money for this wonderful hospital by participating in the Great North Run.”

  - Emma Phillips, Christie fundraiser

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