In 2002, Dylan was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, a rare disorder of the adrenal glands. Addison’s disease is where the adrenal glands don’t work properly, so they don’t produce essential hormones.

Patients with Addison’s disease need specialist endocrine care for their whole life, including hydrocortisone to replace the cortisol that the body isn’t making. Dylan said that when he was diagnosed, there wasn’t a lot of information about living with Addison’s disease. And at just 21, being told that he had a life-changing autoimmune illness was a big shock.

15 years ago, Dylan moved to Altrincham and became a patient of the endocrinology clinic at The Christie for his Addison’s disease. The endocrinology clinic at The Christie is one of a small number of departments at the hospital that manages non-cancer work alongside cancer patients. A specialised endocrine unit, The Christie is a referral unit across Greater Manchester managing complex endocrinology conditions.

Dylan said he and his family have had a boost in confidence due to the advice they’ve had from staff at the endocrinology clinic at The Christie. He said his medication works well, he can always get help on the phone in between check-ups, and he says he has the tools to hand when things go wrong.

Wanting to say thank you to The Christie for his ongoing treatment and to get fit at the same time, Dylan signed up for the Altrincham 10K 2023 in support of The Christie Charity. A closed-road running event, the generally flat route of the Altrincham 10K is an ideal route for first time 10k runners, or seasoned pros looking for a personal best.

Dylan said that before training for the Altrincham 10K, he hadn’t done any exercise since his Addison’s disease diagnosis in 2002. He said he realised he was becoming out of shape, and this wasn’t the message we wanted to send to his children.

“The Altrincham 10K stood out as an achievable local event that could be used to raise money for The Christie. Initially daunted by this task, a friend recommended the NHS Couch to 5k app to get back into the swing of things. It's incredible and I am now in my final week. I can’t tell you how good it’s made me feel – both physically and mentally. I would recommend it to anyone who’s out of shape.

Living with Addison’s Disease hasn’t been the easiest at times, but the staff at The Christie have helped me immensely to live with it.

Dylan Taylor, Christie fundraiser

By running the Altrincham 10K 2023 with Team Christie, you can help us to make a real difference to the lives of cancer patients and their families right here in the North West and across the UK.