Chris Owen, Christie fundraiser

This year, former Christie patient Chris decided it was time to give something back to The Christie. He said he’s always received fantastic treatment and care since the day in 2011 when his GP said, “Better get that mole tested!”

It turned out Chris’s GP was right, as he was diagnosed with melanoma. Chris said his operation at The Christie was superbly done. There were fewer treatment options for melanomas back then, so Chris was discharged after his surgery.

In 2017, at 60, Chris decided he would start preparing his 70th birthday present to himself, to run throughout his 60s.

In summer 2019, Chris got a melanoma again, and he said it was The Christie to the rescue once more, with another successful operation and a course of immunotherapy.

Chris said that keeping up the running in 2020, during immunotherapy, was a fascinating challenge as immunotherapy can affect energy levels. But he also said that exercise was the best way to keep his energy levels up – so he just had to push himself.

For 2022, Chris decided to really test his endurance by signing up as a walker in The Grindleford Gallop, a 21-mile fell running and walking challenge through the hills of the Peak District. Chris had a bad cold on the weekend of the event itself so he had to postpone his challenge.

A week later than planned, Chris successfully covered The Grindleford Gallop route. He said it was a perfect challenge as it was just 'on the edge between achievable and too much'.

“It’s a huge thank you to The Christie for the fact that I’m even here to think about tackling The Grindleford Gallop.
“I was met by my wife Carol for the last 5 miles, up to Eagle Stone and along the edges back to Grindleford. She’s a star, and that made the whole thing so much easier. I could barely stagger by the end, so I picked a hard enough challenge!”

  - Chris Owen, Christie fundraiser

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