Are you up for a challenge, competition and fun? Join us on Sunday 8 May 2022 for The Christie charity Dragon Boat Race, a 3.5 hour team-building experience, and raise essential funds for The Christie charity!

The Christie charity Dragon Boat Race​ dragon boat holds 17 people, so make sure you've got a team of 17 to enter The Christie charity Dragon Boat Race. 1 person will act as the drummer at the front of the boat to make sure all the paddlers keep time. And you can swap who gets to be the drummer for each race, meaning everyone can get a piece of the action.

The Christie charity Dragon Boat Race is a fabulous team building exercise, where no previous experience is necessary and people of all abilities can partake. Full training will be provided on the day too.

Pitched against a hoste of other teams, you will battle the lake and take on other local businesses. We have a limited amount of boats available for this amazing event so please let us know if this floats your boat!

Email today to sign up for The Christie charity Dragon Boat Race.


Key Info


This event has now passed


Trafford Watersports Centre, Sale


for 17 participants (1 boat) - £500