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This month, we’re putting Nicola Entwistle and Adele Etherington into our fundraiser Hall of Fame for hosting a mini-festival garden party in support of The Christie Charity.

Nicola Entwistle first became a supporter of The Christie Charity when she was diagnosed with lymphoma of the brain and was referred to The Christie in September 2022. She needed several different treatments for her cancer and had a few setbacks during her treatment, including a challenging period of sepsis.

Despite the trials of her experience, Nicola was incredibly grateful for all of her treatment at The Christie. She said the hospital played a crucial role in supporting her and she deeply appreciated the safety and care everyone at The Christie provided.

Nicola decided she wanted to give something back by fundraising for The Christie Charity as she was so thankful for her treatment at The Christie. Along with her sister-in-law, Adele Etherington, Nicola planned a charity garden party in Adele’s garden in August 2023. This quickly grew into a ‘mini-festival’, with support from the local community.

As well as being in support of Nicola’s treatment, the mini-festival garden party was also to celebrate Nicola’s 25th wedding anniversary to her husband Jim, and the 10th wedding anniversary of David and Mags Massey. Adele opened her home and garden to friends and family, with people buying a pitch for tents and camping out overnight. Adele even camped out herself and rented her own bedroom out for the night!

Left to right: Nicola, Magda and Adele

To make the mini-festival garden party into a bigger event, Adele and Nicola also held a charity auction, a raffle and various games. They also had generous contributions from local businesses generously, helping to make the event a big success. 2 professional singers lent their talents, a local pub donated a portable bar and bartenders gave their time to man the bar.

“I'm so glad I was able to give back to The Christie after being cared for by all of the employees who go above and beyond every day to ensure the patients have the greatest possible experience. Aside from the financial success, the festival had a profound impact on my mental health and wellbeing.

The reunion with family and friends, coupled with the joy of giving back, made it an unforgettable experience.

Nicola Entwistle, Christie fundraiser

We’re pleased to say that Nicola and Adele raised a huge £12,000 from their fundraising and we’d like to say a big thanks for their incredible efforts. Support from generous fundraisers like this goes a long way to helping us keep supporting cancer patients and their loved ones, over and above what the NHS can fund.

Would you like to fundraise for The Christie Charity? Speak to the charity team on 0161 446 3988 or see how you can get involved with fundraising.