Patients and clinicians

Fundraisers of all ages and backgrounds took part in a whole host of activities from the Great Manchester Run to hosting a Cuppa for The Christie to collectively raise an incredible £4.99million towards the new Integrated Procedures Unit (IPU). 

"Thanks to your support, this state-of-the-art unit which brings five day-patient services together under one roof, opened its doors in April 2017 offering patients a more seamless experience with shorter waiting times and speedier treatments."

Dr Malcolm Wilson, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

“The main benefit of the IPU is to improve the experience of the hospital for the patients. What we’re keen to do is make the most efficient way of dealing with patients so that they’re not hanging around for hours waiting for things to be done. In addition, it has allowed us to significantly upgrade the facilities that are available to these patients in a brand new purpose designed building.
"The Trust is really committed to improving the hospital experience for all patients and the development of the new unit is very much in keeping with this.
"I’ve been involved in this project now for nearly 4 years and I’m delighted to see that this unit has now come to fruition and is acting and working for the patients, for their benefit.” 

Steven Pickett, The Christie patient

"The best part of having this new unit is that you can actually attend an appointment and have a procedure within that day. I think it will save a lot of anxiety with the patient."

Elaine Kelly, The Christie patient

“I’ve had a great service from the procedure team but I’m really pleased to hear that this is being extended so there will be more rooms where every single patient can be treated including areas for them to change as well. Everyone likes to be somewhere that they’re comfortable in and if you feel comfortable in a place it does give you a better experience overall.”

Find out more about the IPU on our Trust website page.

Thank you to all those fundraisers who supported The Christie charity’s appeal for the IPU. We hope you’re all proud to say, I did it for The Christie”!