Haleema Anjum

The Christie charity needs to raise over £25,000 a year to fund the art room, which includes the cost of art sessions and resources such as paint, canvasses and craft materials. One amazing supporter who has helped to fund the art room is Haleema Anjum who took part in our April 2017 skydive.

Haleema decided to take part in a skydive to fundraise for The Christie after seeing how the art classes helped her mum, Shameem, during her treatment.

The art room delivers art sessions for patients and carers several times a week. Led by artist in residence, Pat Mountford, the aim of the classes is to provide a space to explore creativity away from the daily pressures of life, including living with cancer.

Haleema Anjum

“As my mum has been attending the art classes at The Christie for a number of years I wanted to do something memorable to give back to them, for helping her so much over the years. That’s why I decided to do a skydive and give all the money I raise to helping the art class and keep it running for everyone that attends now and in the future. It is such a positive place for people that need it most.”

Shameem AnjumThe Christie patient and Haleema’s mum

“I was petrified as I walked through the door. Sunglasses on, hoping no one would talk to me or even look at me. I raced to the corner of the room where no one was sitting. I just wanted to be alone.

The art teacher tried to come near but I would stop her in her tracks. ‘No stay there, don’t come near me.’ Poor thing would reverse back and leave me alone.

I hid behind a large canvas for many months, still wearing my sunglasses as I worked on my art work. Until, one day I struggled to see what I was doing so I removed the sunglasses.

I then realised that there were other people in the room who were like me, going through the same as me. I was not alone anymore. I felt alive; I felt a loving connection with all the other patients.

I’ve made many friends since I’ve been coming here. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and even created some masterpieces, but most of all I feel like I have a new family. We don’t always talk cancer, but if we do we always know where we’re coming from or what we’re trying to say. We look out for each other. We’re one big happy family.”

The Christie charity would like to thank Haleema and all our supporters who help to fund the art room when they say, “I did it for The Christie”.