Donate your last hour's pay

Do you want to support The Christie this Christmas? Take on The Christie Challenge and help us keep make sure we can be there for people with cancer.

If you're planning on donating your last hour’s pay before Christmas as part of The Christie Challenge or as a standalone fundraising activity, please create a JustGiving page in support of The Christie using the button below.

When is your last working day before Christmas? Do you want to do something special to support cancer patients before the festive break begins?

Before you turn on your out of office, you could donate your last hour’s pay to The Christie charity. While this might only seem like a small amount to give, it could still make a big different. And by doing this, you can sign off for Christmas knowing you’ve supported people affected by cancer.

To make this into more of a fundraising event, you could also see if a few people in your office want to join in and donate their last hour’s pay. It’s a really simple way to give to The Christie charity and get into the generous spirit of Christmas.

You could even see if your employer offers any matched charitable donations scheme. This is where employers agree to donate the same amount as you, usually up to a particular limit. By doing this, you could make your donation to The Christie charity even bigger.

If you’re donating your last hour’s pay before Christmas in a group at work for The Christie charity, get in touch and request a fundraising pack from us. We can send you out a pack of fundraising tips and a sponsor form to collect your money.