"I did it" digital toolkit download

Thank you for your interest in the ‘I did it’ campaign for The Christie charity!

Our new campaign is designed to showcase the fantastic work of our supporters, and to use these positive stories to engage and encourage other people to get involved and do it for The Christie too! 

This toolkit gives you a range of materials that you can use to help promote the campaign and your own events and activities. To help you here are a few guidelines:

The kit includes: 

I did it for The Christie stamps

We did it for The Christie stamps

These can be used on any materials that showcase anything that you are doing or have done to raise funds or to support The Christie. The stamp can be added on top of existing images and comes in a range of colours. 

Poster templates 

Use these poster templates to promote your event and to tell everyone what you are doing for The Christie!

Flyer templates 

The flyer templates are available for you to add in your own event details and use to sell your event.

I'll have the whole kit!

Create your own images 

www.canva.com - A good online site for creating your own images and adding our stamp to your existing photos. Here you can upload your photos and the stamp and simply drag the stamp on top of your image and then save! 

https://imgflip.com - A good site for creating gifs. We encourage you to use the campaign as far and wide as you can and keep asking the question – what will you do?

Personalise your social media profiles

You can also support our campaign by using the "I did it for The Christie" Twibbon. Just click the link below and find out how you can personalise your profiles!

Add a Twibbon

We encourage you to use the campaign as far and wide as you can and keep asking the question – I did it for The Christie, what will you do?

“For myself, the reason for doing the Festive Dash was to help raise money to support the fabulous work that The Christie does.”

The Morris family, Christie fundraisers
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“Living with Addison’s Disease hasn’t been the easiest at times, but the staff at The Christie have helped me immensely to live with it.”

Dylan Taylor, Christie fundraiser
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“I've thought about doing a skydive before, but previously thought I'd be too scared to freefall from a plane… This cause is close to my heart because my friend is receiving treatment at The Christie.”

Amber Leigh, Christie fundraiser
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