Payroll giving is an easy way for companies and businesses to fundraise for The Christie charity. It’s a simple and tax-effective scheme that allows you to donate directly to The Christie from your salary and is simple to set up.

The money you give through Payroll Giving will go towards The Christie's cancer research fund. This fund allows us to continue our internationally recognised cancer research including running research studies and trials across all types of cancer, delivering the highest quality clinical trials, identifying appropriate research participants and involving them in the right research studies and providing an excellent service and patient support. This research makes a real difference for people living with cancer and their friends and families.

A guide for employers

If you are an employer and you want more information on how the payroll giving could work for you, you can download the employer payroll giving guide.

A guide for employees 

If you are an employee and you want more information on how payroll giving works, you can download the employee payroll giving guide.

You can also sign up online or download the payroll giving printable sign up form.

If you have any questions about payroll giving, just give our corporate fundraising team a call on 0161 446 3988 or email