Mrs Darlington’s, Christie supporters

Cheshire-based jam and chutney makers Mrs Darlington’s have been supporting The Christie charity for many years. Sarah Darlington, managing director at Mrs Darlington’s, has been passionate about the charity since 1993, when her father was a Christie patient.

Sarah is also a founder member and chair of the local Nantwich Christie Hospital Support Group who have raised an incredible £500,000 over nearly 30 years’ fundraising in support of The Christie.

The Nantwich Christie Hospital Support Group have supported many projects at The Christie throughout their time fundraising for the charity. Some of these projects include the Oglesby Building at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, the proton beam research room and The Christie at Macclesfield.

To raise money for The Christie charity and in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June, Mrs Darlington’s have produced limited jubilee editions of their famous jams and lemon curd.

The Jubilee Range includes Stately Strawberry Extra Jam, Regal Raspberry Extra Jam and Legendary Lemon Curd.


The Jubilee Range from Mrs Darlington's

A donation from the sale of each jar of jubilee jams and lemon curds will be go to The Christie charity, with a minimum donation of £5,000 supporting ground-breaking research at the hospital’s pioneering proton beam centre.

“To celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we are thrilled to make a donation from the sale of each jar in the limited-edition range to The Christie charity. The Christie is one of the world’s leading cancer centres and is very close to our family’s heart.”

  - Sarah Darlington, Mrs Darlington’s

We are immensely grateful to Sarah and all the Mrs Darlington’s for making this kind donation from their special Jubilee Range to The Christie charity. Generous donations like this will go a long way to support research into proton beam therapy, ensuring our patients are able to access the very latest and cutting-edge treatments.

If your business wants to raise vital funds for The Christie charity, please email our corporate team at

Sarah (right) with her mother Marion, the creator of Mrs Darlington's