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Press release posted Friday 13 October 2023

In a remarkable show of determination and compassion, firefighters Dan Jackson and Chris Prodromis are gearing up to run the Manchester Half Marathon this Sunday 15 October 2023, fundraising for The Christie Charity. Dan and Chris will be wearing their full firefighter’s kit and breathing apparatus and dragging a 50kg dummy with them throughout the race.

This heartfelt endeavour is not only a testament to their physical and mental strength but also a touching tribute to a dear friend, Charlotte Jones who was diagnosed in February this year with Stage 4 bowel cancer, which spread to her lungs and liver. Charlotte lived in Glossop with her lifelong partner Colin and their baby son Maximus, who is only 1 year old. Charlotte married Colin in June but sadly passed away the following week aged just 32.

Charlotte grew up in New Mills with her best friend Stella Bennett. Stella’s partner, Dan and his good friend and colleague Chris are dedicated firefighters, who have served at the New Mills and Chapel-en-le-Frith Firestations. Dan, Stella and their little boy Billy all live in Chapel-en-le-Frith, while Chris lives with his wife Ella in Dove Holes.

Dan (38) and Chris (37) have been fundraising for all sorts of charities in recent years, taking on the New York and Paris marathons, as well as climbing Everest and the Three Peaks.

After Charlotte passed away, Dan and Chris decided to fundraise for The Christie, where they’d witnessed the incredible support given to Charlotte and her family whilst she was being treated. With this in mind, Dan and Chris have set out on their most challenging mission to date. Chris’ wife Ella has been busy posting up images on Instagram, throughout their training.

“It’s really going to be quite a challenge for them both,” said Ella. “Although it is the shortest distance for them, compared with previous runs, it will be the most emotional fundraiser that they have ever done. Plus, they have all the equipment with them as if they’re dragging a real person in a rescue, so it will be quite a task!”

“Charlotte was the best mummy to Maximus," said Stella. "All she ever dreamed about was being a mum. We all miss her so much and have been left with such a huge void that will never be filled. Massive thank you to Christie’s for all the love and support that we and Charlotte received during this terrible time. Best of luck to Dan and Chris on Sunday.”

Despite setting up their JustGiving page just a week ago with an initial goal of £500, the response has been overwhelming, exceeding their expectations. As of now, their goal has been raised to £750, and they are making every effort to reach at least £1,000 for The Christie Charity in less than a week, just before they take on the Manchester Half Marathon.

Josh from The Christie Charity said, “Dan and Chris are undertaking a huge challenge wearing such heavy kits during the Manchester Half Marathon. Not only that, carrying a 50kg dummy along the way too! We’re so grateful to them both for their fundraising for The Christie Charity and we wish them luck for their arduous run on Sunday.”

Dan and Chris sincerely appreciate every donation, no matter how big or small, as it goes a long way in helping those in need and honouring the memory of their dear friend Charlotte.

Last updated: October 2023