If you’re a Co-op member, you can now support The Christie charity as your chosen charity every time you shop at the supermarket.

Co-op membership makes it easy to support a charity when you shop in-store or use other Co-op services. And for 2022, your Co-op membership can help provide complementary therapy for cancer patients at The Christie.

Co-op members supporting The Christie complementary therapies

With your Co-op membership, you can support the complementary therapy service at The Christie. This will help fund relaxation sessions for chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients at The Christie and will also help patients cope with the stress and anxiety of living with cancer.

Complementary therapies play a key role in The Christie’s approach to treating the whole person. They can help cancer patients work proactively towards their recovery and take charge of their wellbeing in hospital and at home. The service is also open to carers who share the burden of living with cancer so families can come together to support one another through their treatment.

How Co-op chosen charities work

With Co-Op membership, when you buy selected Co-op products and services, 2p for every £1 you spend goes into your Co-op Membership account. Co-op also gives the same amount – 2p for every £1 you spend – to community organisations and local causes.

You can also choose to donate the rewards you build up.

Find out how to choose The Christie charity as a Co-op member on the Co-op website. You can also read more about membership if you’re not already a member.