Nicola Heazell, Clinical Research Nurse, Patient Recruitment, Haematology

I've been engaged on a clinical trial for some months now on the Trust's CTU. It's a difficult regime which requires attendance for three weeks out of four every Wednesday and Thursday. Two weeks ago, I was on my short day of treatment and was affected by an episode of nausea with my blood pressure elevated to a potentially dangerous high level. At this point Nicola Heazell, a wonderful Research Nurse was appointed as my dedicated clinician. To the untrained eye some patients may feel uneasy because Nicola is a partial amputee. To be honest I've only ever seen what she can do. I am totally inspired by this smart, funny dedicated nurse. It is a privilege to have treatment from her. Nicola made a difference to my care on that Thursday.

John Beaumont, Patient

Nikki has worked with the lymphoma team for just over a year. She is a band 5 research nurse working with the team to deliver highly complex early phase trials. She joined the Christie back in March 2014 and has worked in out- patients dept. before she decided to move her career into the research division. Her role now includes the management of a range of studies and support to the band 6 research nurses in the team to safely deliver treatments. Nikki has always been a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile for the patients. She runs clinics, arranges trial set up and deals with data queries; she delivers treatments and attends MDT meetings to identify possible trial patients. She is a committed nurse and I’m not surprised at all that she has been nominated for this award as she continuously strives to improve service but also encourages others to do the same. Her rapport with her patients is second to none and she will go above and beyond wherever she can to ensure patients get the best care we can offer. In this role Nikki sees the patients go through many ups and downs it can sometimes be such a roller coaster of emotions for them and their families but Nikki is always there to listen and support. She is knowledgeable and caring but also keen to learn more and find ways we can improve patient pathways to make their experience a better one. Nikki will support her team members but also nurses on the CRF and other teams delivering treatments from mutual trial projects. She will work very closely with our admin team to ensure all data is correct and up to date and any queries are resolved quickly. I’m so thrilled Nikki has been nominated for this award as she really does deserve it and I continuously hear from both patients and staff what a difference she makes. Nikki is a mother of two young boys and manages to juggle career and parenting to work full time. I hope she won’t mind me saying that although she has a physical impairment she is a real inspiration to us all. She did her nurse training against all the odds and when the powers that be said she couldn’t manage this she proved them all wrong and went on to qualify with the highest grades. She is now an advocate for nurses with impairment or disability and works closely with nursing governing bodies to promote more understanding and support. I have seen her drive in action when the IV skills team thought she could not access lines… oh did she show them she could! Not only did she devise a way to do this safely but she really does have one of the best aseptic techniques I have ever seen! In her spare time Nikki loves spending quality time with family and friends and she is very involved in her local church and community. The lymphoma team are very lucky to have Nikki as are our patients. She deserves this award so much and long may she continue to inspire other nurses here at The Christie.

Andrea Whitmore, Research Nurse Team Leader / Manager