Abbie Stones, Clinical Support Worker, Proton Beam Therapy

Abbie has worked at the trust for a while but joined protons in the autumn of 2018 as a clinical support worker. Abbie’s role involves clinical skills and also admin work, alongside cleaning duties and stock management. Abbie is part of a patient facing team who helps people from start to finish with their treatment. Abbie has been nominated for this award because she continually puts the patients first, and they are always at the heart of everything she does. Abbie goes above and beyond to ensure the patients have the best possible service whilst at the proton centre. Abbie set up a weekly coffee morning so that patients could have a couple of hours a week to get to know staff in a different context to just receiving treatment. Patients absolutely love this service and always talk about how much it helps them and how much they look forward to it. Abbie constantly goes that extra mile, always having ideas about what we can do for the patients, and the patients love this. She has created activity files for people local to Manchester and people who are staying in the accommodation, breaking this down into age categories and price categories. It’s not just the big things that Abbie does; the little things mean a lot too. She brings in a paper every morning for the patients to read. This makes a difference EVERY DAY. Not only does Abbie make a difference to the patients, she also makes a difference to the staff, always offering support and training to new members and is eager to help them with clinical skills and any other duty required. Abbie is a valued and experienced member of the team, never failing to put the patients first.

Emily Scott, Administration Manager

Abbie has gone above and beyond by organising weekly coffee mornings for patients and their families. Abbie has organised the events in her own time. This has helped patients’ mind set and has given them the confidence to speak to one another. Parents have fed back that their children look forward to the coffee mornings. She has organised an event that is for all ages, and is inclusive for all patients and carers visiting the PBT Unit. Thanks to Abbie I am sure this weekly event will continue to thrive.

Jane Miller, Colleague

Abbie always goes the extra mile for both patients and staff. She has used her own time and initiative to organise a weekly coffee and cake morning in the Proton Beam waiting area to allow patients and staff to socialise with each other. This has been an amazing experience for the patients and has helped them feel more at home during a difficult period, when they are away from family and friends. It also allows the staff to get to know the patients better. Abbie has also liaised with a patient to organise a book swap in the waiting area. She has provided her own used books, and encouraged others to donate books also, to give patients a selection of books to browse and swap when they have potentially long waiting times. Abbie is a hard worker and can always be found doing any task she can find. She not only completes her own daily tasks, but assists others in completing theirs. Abbie is always thinking of new ways to improve patient and staff experience. Working with Abbie is an absolute pleasure as she is always happy and eager to make sure everyone is in the best mood whilst carrying out their job.

Hannah Robertson, Colleague

Abbie has set up a 'coffee morning' in proton, which takes place every Friday. This is an opportunity for staff and patients to get together out of the clinical environment talk and chat, whilst having a coffee and a piece of cake. Games and challenges take place for the children from the day unit, whilst they too can enjoy the snacks provided. Patients and parents of patients have commented weekly about how much they look forward to this, what a difference it makes and how it makes them realise they are not alone during this terrifying time. Children look forward to this all week, asking when it is. The amount of her own time and effort Abbie has put in to achieving this coffee morning really has gone above and beyond, to benefit the patients - An outstanding member of staff.

Emily Scott, Manager