There are a number of different volunteering roles available across the hospital. When vacancies are available they will be listed on the find a role section of our website. Below are some examples of the opportunities we may have available in the future.

The tea bar is in the outpatient department and provides light refreshments for patients. Volunteers make drinks, serve biscuits and handle small amounts of money using the till.

The Christie charity occasionally requires some light administration support from volunteers for fundraising events and initiatives, including sporting events. These volunteers also kindly act as supply for the tea bar (when a volunteer there is unable to attend their shift).

When patients first arrive at The Christie for inpatient admission they are greeted by a meet and greet team of volunteers. These volunteers can accompany visitors to their ward, introduce them to the staff, help them to complete patient surveys and generally make them feel welcome. We also ask that meet and greet volunteers assist with visitors arriving in cars outside (who are dropping off a patient at the door) to help the patient feel comfortable. This service does not operate at weekends.

Staying in hospital can be very boring, particularly for patients who do not feel ill. The hospital has a fully equipped art room, and offers a range of recreational activities. Since many patients are well enough to go home at weekend these activities are only offered on weekdays. Volunteers who have a talent for art may wish to provide assistance to this department.

Last updated: November 2019