Meet our people

Jenny Bartrop  -  Staff Nurse

I’ve recently started working at The Christie having qualified over 4 years ago. Knowing my patients are getting the best care possible is enough to keep me motivated. Working as a team is very important and I’ve found the team ethic at The Christie to be second to none. I see the role of the staff nurse as being an advocate to the patient, coordinating the care and providing support and information to patients and relatives.


Angela Hayes  -  Palliative Care Nurse Specialist

I’ve worked at The Christie since 2002 and started my career in Critical Care. One of my biggest achievements was being involved in setting up the Critical Care Service at The Christie. I get the most reward from my job when patients or relatives are able to open up to me about concerns and worries and being able to alleviate them by giving them helpful advice.

Kathleen Donnelley  -  Domestic Supervisor

The part of my job I love the most is meeting different people, talking with our patients and helping people out. It’s lovely to work at The Christie. I’ve been here for 40 years now and been supported all the way through plenty of training and development.”

Clare Bowler  -  Health Care Assistant

I care for patients when they’re unable to carry out their normal daily activities due to receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I feel very privileged to work at The Christie because patients and family put their trust in us to deliver the best possible care at a very vulnerable and stressful time. Having recently completed The Christie Care Certificate and my NVQ Level 2, I’m currently working through my level 3 Diploma, and am now a Nursing Assistant. I work with a great team and we all work together with the same goal to improve patient care. I’m very proud to work in such a caring environment with some wonderful people who go that extra mile every day. My proudest moment was being the First Healthcare Assistant to be awarded the Care certificate at The Christie. 

Melanie Lowe  -  Clinical Pharmacy Technician

I’m very proud to say I work at The Christie when discussing my career with other people outside the trust. The pharmacy team I work in support each other no matter what the day might throw at them - we have a very good team spirit and like to take part in events and activities that are on around the Trust.

One of my proudest achievements whilst working at The Christie is completing my Accuracy Checking diploma. I am due to start a BTEC Professional Clinical Diploma for Pharmacy Technicians Level 4. Some of my fondest memories here are of patients I’ve met and then how nice it is when they recognise you and praise the work that you and The Christie have done for them.

Joanne Downey  -  Assistant Service Manager

I have over 20 years admin and clerical experience with the majority of my roles providing support to NHS Chief Executives and their teams. I’m really passionate about excellent customer service and the experience that people receive. My current role is Assistant Service Manager for Acute and Critical Care working with clinical, nursing and administration teams to ensure service delivery redesign and continuous improvement of patient experience and quality of care.  

My biggest achievement is creating the patient support services suite and bringing all services under one department, such as the Headstart wig service, Look Good Feel Better, Colour Me Beautiful and art classes. These services are so valuable to patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer, and although I no longer manage this service, I often call in. It makes me so proud to continue to see patients with huge smiles on their faces. I really enjoy my role here at The Christie. It’s a pleasure to support different teams in the work they do delivering such high quality care and treatment.”

Hamzah Mohammed  -  Radiographer

I like being able to meet people at the start of their Radiotherapy pathway and build a rapport with them as they come in for their treatment. 

Teamwork is crucial in radiotherapy.  We primarily work in small teams of four or five people and it is important for everyone to adhere to their roles to ensure everything is being done correctly and efficiently. 

I’ve completed a BSc Radiotherapy degree which trained me in the fundamental academic and practical aspects of my role. Since starting, I’ve constantly been learning and look to undertake further studies to progress my role in the near future.

One of my proudest moments whilst working at The Christie was having my efforts recognised by the Chief Executive.  A patient had written to the Chief Executive of the Trust to say how happy they were with how their treatment had been.  My team and I received cards with some nice comments. 

Last updated: November 2019

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