Lung cancer is now one of the biggest causes of premature death in the North West. It is cutting too many lives far too short.  Our aim at The Christie is to give more lung cancer patients the opportunity to participate in clinical research.  Not only could we give more patients more time with their loved ones, but we would give researchers more opportunities to make ground-breaking insights into how best to treat lung cancer.

1 in 13 men and 1 in 17 women will be diagnosed with lung cancer during their lifetime.  14% of these won’t be smokers.

By 2020, we aim to double the number of patients who have the chance to take part in clinical trials.  By funding lung cancer research, you are helping to provide more clinical trials, develop more targeted treatments and unravel the ways that cancer cells resist treatments in one of the most fatal cancers in the UK. With the generosity of people like you today, with scientists and clinicians, with doctors and nurses all working very closely together, we really can add extra years to patients’ lives.

“The Christie has been fantastic…They’ve given me five years of life which I wouldn’t have had…My little boy, he wouldn’t have remembered me at all.” - Catherine Fisher

The Christie has already delivered firsts in lung cancer research, helping to discover that lung cancer is not just one disease, but many.  And with your help, we’ve made other huge steps forward. Today, with your help, the next step could be developing personalised treatment pathways, using the genetic make-up of individual tumours. 

Every step we take brings us closer to new treatments.  Help us fund exceptional world-leading lung cancer research, and achieve our ambition to offer access to trials to all eligible patients receiving our care. 

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