September 2018

Harry Thorn

September’s fundraiser of the month is Harry Thorn. Between him and his brother George, they have raised a fantastic £2,416 by shaving their heads and beards!

After Harry and George’s sister, Robyn, was recently diagnosed with melanoma and required treatment and surgery at The Christie, the brothers decided to do something to show their support to her, which resulted in them both shaving their heads and beards for which they are both very fond of and well known for! 

This was the first fundraising that Harry had done and he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. He needn’t have been worried though, as within the first weekend of setting up their JustGiving page, the brothers had raised over £1,000 and money steadily crept in over the following weeks, in the run up to the head shave which took place on 17 August. The total amount they raised is £2,416!

Harry says: “Our sister, Robyn, was recently diagnosed with melanoma, a form of skin cancer. It’s a very surreal situation to deal with, however, I feel like doing this will show my sister how much we support her. The Christie deserves every donation possible as they are doing such an amazing job looking after Robyn. Hopefully seeing George and I without any hair will bring a smile to our sister's face at the lowest points”.

Harry continues: “I’m overwhelmed by the amount of positivity and support we are receiving; the amount of money we raised was unbelievable as I would never have imagined reaching such a target, after I initially set it at just £200!”

All of us here at The Christie would like to say a huge thank you to Harry, George, Robyn and all their friends and family for donating so generously in support of the hospital. We are so very grateful to them all and well done to Harry and George for taking on the head and beard shave challenge!