Why do you use this method of fundraising?

Mailings are an important and effective way for us to raise funds. Mailings encourage regular gifts and enable us to share our appeals with both current and new supporters. They allow us to update recipients on areas of the charity which require support as well as keeping people informed about the progress of projects supporters may have given to in the past.

Examples of our mailings

Who do you send mailings to and why?

We send a set number of mailings every year to current supporters who donate regularly to our appeals or have set up a regular gift to us, such as a Direct Debit.

We send a smaller number of mailings every year to those whom we feel may have an interest in the charity and our work. These people may be previous supporters who have not given in some time, but whom we think may like to hear from us again. Others may not have previously given to us, but have consented to hearing from organisations like The Christie Charity via a third party.

Occasionally we conduct what is called a Door Drop. This type of mailing does not contain any personal details of the recipient, and is sent to people based just on the postal area they live in.

We run a number of checks with each appeal to minimise the likelihood of people getting the same mailing twice. This includes a check with the national register of everyone who has passed away. It can however take up to eight weeks for any entries into the national register to be processed.

With every appeal, we always ensure the recipient has the option to opt-out of any future donation and marketing mailings.

Who is the letter from?

Our letters are always signed by real members of staff – nurses, consultants, researchers for example, who have insight into the topic we are raising funds for. We collaborate with them to create our mailings and ensure our content is as accurate and timely as possible.

The patients you read about in our mailings are also always real people who have been treated by The Christie, and have given us permission to share their stories.

I’m a bit worried that the letter I have received isn’t genuine. How can I tell if it’s a real appeal from The Christie charity?

There are a few simple ways that you can check whether the mailing you have received is a genuine mailing from The Christie. 

Visit the online appeal page

Every mailing we do has a corresponding webpage set up, and the URL will be printed on the payment page of the mailing.

The webpage will have a picture of the mailing pack, as well as details about the appeal that correspond to those details shared in the postal appeal.

Contact The Charity Hub

Staff in our charity hub are happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can pop in for a visit, call them weekdays between 9.30am to 4.30pm on 0161 446 3988 or email fundraising@christie.nhs.uk

Why do you use a freepost address?

Processing donations can take a lot of time and we are fortunate at times to have a very high response to some of our appeals. We use a freepost address to direct responses to a fulfilment organisation, who process donations on our behalf. This ensures we can respond to your donation or query as efficiently and consistently as possible.

Where can I get more information or make a donation online?

For more information on our individual appeals, please get in touch or visit the fundraising section of our website where you can donate to the appeal of your choice.