IPU stands for Integrated Procedures Unit.  This exciting specially designed building opened in Spring 2017 and brings together the services that our day-patients need in one location. Every aspect of their treatment will happen in one place, saving time and creating a seamless and calm hospital experience.

How will the IPU give time back to Christie patients?

By integrating and expanding five treatment services for our day-patients, we can reduce waiting times, speed up treatment sessions, eliminate transfers between departments and minimise the need for overnight stays.

These five day-patient services have been brought together under one roof:

Interventional radiology - The new IPU will double our capacity for image-guided procedures, such as the insertion of stents. We also offer less invasive treatments such as tumour embolization.

Day-case procedures - With six new rooms, this team can help equip even more patients with the catheters they need for ongoing chemotherapy.

Plastic surgery - The IPU's new theatre brings together a large portion of the plastic surgery department, including dressing and anaesthetic procedures which are an essential part of this vital surgery. Aside from making these procedures more efficient, the integration of this service gives day-case patients an improved, faster treatment experience.

Pain control - With its own specialist area, patients can receive their assessment and treatment on the very same day. They will go home pain free within hours of stepping into our new IPU.

Endoscopy clinic - Patients in this clinic have their own dedicated waiting area, along with improved facilities to provide them with the privacy they need.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the IPU Appeal.