Sky Windows are used in the radioactive isolation rooms at The Christie. They give patients a range of window landscapes to help them through their time in isolation.

Thanks to donations from our wonderful supporters, we raised the £220,000 needed to fund the 'sky technology'. Sky windows are incredible moving images which create a virtual window to the outside world.

For our patients, this technology makes a huge difference during their time in isolation after radiotherapy treatment. It helps them cope with the longest, hardest five days - 120 hours - of their treatment, reduces stress and minimises medication and long hospital stays. 

The windows provide changeable views instead of blank walls and have varying light levels which alter depending on the time of day, allowing the patient's body clock to remain in sync. It is truly amazing the difference these screens make.

Sky technology is not something the NHS funds, yet patients need it to help them cope with the treatment that could cure them of cancer. Thanks to caring people like you, the Sky technology will brighten the darkest days of patients' lives.