In 2014 we celebrated the opening of the Palatine Treatment Centre (PTC) at The Christie, a joint collaboration between the Haematology and Transplant Unit and the Young Oncology Unit.

Within the PTC is the Palatine Ward, a state of the art inpatient facility that gives our most vulnerable patients the very best environment in which to recuperate.

Palatine Ward Facts:

  • A joint collaboration between the Haematology and Transplant Unit and the Young Oncology Unit – the first Unit of its kind to make this link.
  • Treats over 6,000 patients each year with cancers of the blood, lymphatic system, and bone marrow
  • Double the number of clean-air bedrooms – from 6 to 12
  • The Christie charity funded £10 million of the £12 million needed to complete the development.

When someone is being treated for a haematological cancer, their immune system is reset to zero. Until their new immune system has been built back up, a patient is extremely susceptible to infections.  The special ‘clean-air’ HEPA-filtered bedrooms protect cancer patients with suppressed immune systems, and give them the best environment in which to undergo treatment

"We want to able to deliver the best possible care for our patients and now we have a first-class environment which reflects that ambition."

Dr Mike Dennis, Consultant Haematologist at The Christie

 “The new unit looks amazing and has so many design features that make life better for the patient. I particularly loved the big window and the natural daylight, which makes such a big difference when you're in there for weeks at a time."

Steve Kemp, a 64 yr old patient from Knutsford

A future free from cancer

A number of haematological studies are underway in the new HTU.  Any one of them could lead to the next big breakthrough.  Any one of them could save more lives.  By donating to the haematology and transplant unit  you will enable this vital research to continue and help us discover even more advanced treatments for our patients.